Adapter Kits

Adapter Kits

Adapter kits to allow installation of anti-rollback devices on additional commonly used wheelchairs









  • SKU: OSUBOLTS - Oversized u-bolts / Replaces standard u-bolts from our SM2-2 & SM2-2W with u-bolts desgined to fit around larger tubing from 1" to 1.160" diameter. For use with Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 and 510, Invacare Insignia, as well as other models with larger diameter tubing.


  • SKU: 014OREXT - Override extensions / Provides a pair of extensions for the override levers on model SM-014 wheelchair anti-rollback device specifically  for use with Invacare SX5 high back (18" back height) wheelchair.


  • SKU: SM2-2BAAK - Below axle adapter kit / Provides an alternative mounting application for our models SM2-2 & SM2-2W.  Some wheelchairs do not have the required clearance around the rear axle bushings to allow for the standard u-bolt attachement method.  If the wheelchair has approximately 2" of unobstructed vertical frame just below the axle bushing(s), this kit may allow installation of mounting brackets.


  • SKU: SM2-2LEVEXT -  Lever extension kit / This kit allows mounting of our models SM2-2 onto an Invacare SX5 Reclining Wheelchair.  This wheelchair has the rear axle location moved rearward on the frame.  This kit provides adapters that extend the anti-roll-back device seat lever forward to compensate for that axle location.


  • SKU: SM2-2TX4AK - Tracer IV adapter kit /  This kit replaces aluminum stand-offs for models SM2-2 & SM2-2W specifically for use with Invacare Tracer IV.  The oversized axle bushings on this wheelchair requires reduced clearance stand-offs.  It is also advisable to remove axle bolt, reverse and reinstall with bolt head at frame and nut at outside of wheel. 
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SKU: OSUBOLTS - Oversized u-bolts

SKU: 014OREXT - Override extensions

SKU: SM2-2BAAK - Below axle adapter kit

SKU: SM2-2LEVEXT - Lever extension kit

SKU: SM2-2QPAK - Quickie or Patriot adapter kit - Replaced by SM2-2BAAK

SKU: SM2-2TX4AK - Tracer IV adapter kit