SMABX Enhanced Feature Alarm Box

SMABX Enhanced Feature Alarm Box

Rugged, durable and user friendly





The Safe•t mate alarm box has always been a workhorse and we didn't want to lose that quality with our new design. We've added new features but durability remains our top priority. Best of all, SMABX comes standard with all Safe•t mate alarm products. Take a look at the new features.

  • Soft Silicone protective jacket surrounds entire perimeter providing outstanding drop protection
  • Tamper Resistant On/Off Switch concealed beneath the protective jacket (but activated by pressing on the outer surface.)
  • Automatic Reset: Once user is safely seated, unit returns to stand-by mode.
  • 95 db Pulsing Horn operated by a 9 volt battery (included)
  • Adjustable Mounting Strap fits easily over hand grip or any other frame member. Includes upholstery clip.
  • LED Indicator light glows solid to indicate power and flashes when battery is low
  • Low Power Drain circuit designed for extended battery life
  • Fail-Safe alarm sounds if cord is accidentally removed during operation
 210 Innovations, LLC stands firmly behind our products and services. We strive to assist customers by providing unsurpassed customer service. All Safe•t mate products are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Exception: the under-seat component of product SM-009 is guaranteed for life.