210 Innovations LLC Dealers

210 Innovations, LLC has many dealers ranging from large catalog distributors and durable medical equipment dealers of all sizes to many small independent dealers. We welcome inquiries for new dealers and we will work with you to create a mutually rewarding relationship.

Our customer service and dealer support are second to none. Our shipping rates are competitive and we offer drop shipping at no additional charge. We pride ourselves on maintaining a large inventory so most orders ship on the same day that we receive them.

Contact us for more information, a credit application (we also accept credit cards) and dealer pricing.

Below are hi-resolution print quality photos. All files are 300 dpi TIFF format. Of course, your download times will vary depending on your Internet connection speed.

  • SM-015 Oxygen Tank Brackets

  • FM2436TIFF

    SM-016, FM-2436 (mat only) Pressure Sensitive Floor mat and Alarm

  • SM-003

    SM-003 Wheelchair Labeling System

  • SM-003 Wheelchair Labeling System

  • SMABX Enhanced Feature Alarm Box

  • SM-005Release

    SM-005, SM-005L, SM-005XL Alarmed Seatbelt

  • SM-005

    SM-005, SM-005L, SM-005XL Alarmed Seatbelt

  • SM-006 Adjustable Stop Banner

  • SM-007 Drop Seat with Integrated Alarm

  • SM-008 Universal Rear Anti-Tippers

  • SM-008 Universal Rear Anti-Tippers

  • SM-009 Under-seat Fall Monitor

  • SM-011 NEW TIF

    SM-011 Adjustable Front Anti-Tippers

  • SM-011 Adjustable Front Anti-Tippers

  • speed_restrictor

    SM-012 Wheelchair Speed Restrictor

  • SM-012 Wheelchair Speed Restrictor

  • SM-014 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device for Invacare Tracer EX2

  • SM-014 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device  for Invacare Tracer EX2


    SM-015 Oxygen Tank Brackets

  • SM-018 Wheelchair Anti-fold Bracket

  • SM-019 TIFF

    SM-019 Hand Grip Extensions

  • SM2-3 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device

  • TG1 Tab Grabber

  • TG1 Tab Grabber

  • TGTC Tab Grabber Table Clamp

  • SMABX Enhanced Feature Alarm Box

  • SM-004B Personal Fall Monitor