Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Listed below are some common replacement parts for our most popular products.



SKU: 005BLT / 005BLT-L / 005BLT-XL


SKU: SM2-2HS / SM2-2HSW / SM2-2HSN


Product Description

  • SM2BAS - Replacement brake arms with set screws for the SM2-2 Anti-rollback device.


  • 004MAG - Replacement magnet assembly for the SM-004B Fall Prevention Monitor.


  • 005BLT / 005BLT-L / 005BLT-XL - Replacement belt set for the SM-005 Alarmed Seatbelt: available in sizes regular, large, and extra large.


  • SM2-2HWARE - Replacement hardware for all models of the SM2-2 Anti-rollback devices.


  • SM2-2HS / SM2-2HSW / SM2-2HSN - Width adjusting bars for standard, wide, or narrow models of the SM2-2 Anti-rollback devices.


  • SM2TOL - Temporary Override Lever for all models of the SM2-2 Anti-rollback devices.


Additional replacement parts are available.  Contact Customer Service if you do not see yours listed here.


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