Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Safe t mate wheelchair safety devices.
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SM2-3 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device. 08/2018 - Present

SM2-3OA Optional Alarm Installation Instructions

SM2-3 Alternate Configuration

SM2-3LEVEXT Seat Lever Extension Kit for Invacare SX5 Recliner

SM2-2/SM2-3 Adapter kits

SM2-2BAAK Below Axle Adapter Kit for mounting SM2-2 / SM2-3

OSUBOLT Over Sized U-Bolts SM2-2 / SM2-3

SM2-2TX4AK Reduced Clearance Stand-offs Adapter Kit for mounting Invacare Tracer IV to SM2-2 / SM2-3

SM2-2CAT4 Ki Mobility Catalyst 4 for mounting SM2-2 / SM2-3

SM2-2QPAK - Replaced by SM2-2BAAK Adapter Kit for Quickie Breezy 500, 600 & Invacare Patriot


SM2-2 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device. 01/2007 - 08/2018

SM2-2OA Optional Alarm Installation Instructions

SM2/SM2-2 Alternate Configuration

SM2-2LEVEXT Seat Lever Extension Kit for Invacare SX5 Recliner

SM-001 Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device (Sold before 11/01/2004)

SM-014 Anti-rollback Device for Invacare EX2

014OREXT Override Lever Extension Kit

SM-003 Wheelchair Labeling System

SM-004B Personal Fall Monitor

SM-005 Alarmed Seatbelt

SM-008 Adjustable Rear Anti-tippers

SM-011 Adjustable Front Anti-tippers (Sold after 4/01/2010)

SM-011 Adjustable Front Anti-tippers (Sold before 4/01/2010)

SM-006 Adjustable Stop Banner

SM-007 Drop Seat with Integrated Alarm

SM-009 Under-seat Fall Monitoring System

SM-012 Wheelchair Speed Restrictor

SM-015 Oxygen Cylinder Stand-off Brackets

SM-016 Pressure Sensitive Floor Mat and Alarm

SM-017 Heavy Duty Solid Drop Seat

SM-018 Wheelchair Anti-fold Bracket

SM-019 Hand Grip Extensions

TG1 Tab Grabber Tablet Computer Holder

TGTC Table Clamp for TG1