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The SM2-2 3rd Generation Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device

The SM2-2

We've created the industry standard (again)

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Model SM2-2
16" - 20" chairs
Model SM2-2W
22" - 24" wide chairs
Model SM2-2A
16" - 20"
Includes Integrated Alarm
Model SM2-2WA
22" - 24"
Includes Integrated Alarm

Adapter Kits Available

Although the Model SM2-2 fits most wheelchairs, some models have non-standard frames. We have the adapter kits for several of them.

(Our Warranty)

U.S Patents:

Safe-t mate, a name that has been trusted by thousands of facilities nationwide since 1998, has redesigned our acclaimed wheelchair anti-rollback device. Like the original, the SM2-2 prevents a wheelchair from rolling back by grabbing the tires as the user attempts to sit or stand. However, the use of high strength plastics and robotic welding has allowed us to add more user-friendly features without increasing the weight or cost! The result, the SM2-2 fits even more chairs, has greater adjustability and increased comfort. Take a look!

1. Newly Designed Seat Lever - More seat pad adjustments.

  • 3 Height adjustments for regular, hemi and extra low chairs
  • 2 Depth adjustments moves pad forward to accommodate residents who slouch in their chairs
  • Articulating / Floating Seat Pad remains in proper alignment with seat bottom for greater comfort

2. Advanced Mounting - Adjustable spring tension to accommodate a variety of seat cushions.
More compatible with:

  • Hemi / low Chairs
  • Dual / triple axle chairs
  • Space saver armrests
  • Flip back armrests
  • Bariatric Chairs

3. Temporary Override Lever

Center override lever makes backing up unoccupied chair a cinch. Or opt to remove lever without effecting operation of anti-rollback device.

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