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Safe•t mate Anti-rollback Device designed specifically for Invacare Tracer EX2

(Our Warranty)

Model SM-014

**Of course our standard Anti-rollback Device (Model SM2-2) also fits the Invacare Tracer  EX2 and can be easily transferred between many makes and models of wheelchairs. Whereas, Model SM-014 fits only Invacare Tracer EX2 or SX5.

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This new model of our Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device has been specifically designed to fit the popular Invacare Tracer EX2 wheelchair.** Because it requires less adjustability, it’s more  economical to manufacture and that means a lower cost!

Like our popular model SM2-2 Anti-rollback device, this unit automatically prevents the wheelchair from rolling back as the user attempts to stand or sit. As soon as the occupant lifts their weight from the seat, the brake arms grab the tires and prevent rearward movement. When the user is safely seated, the unit is in standby mode and the wheelchair operates normally.

The device offers an integrated design for a discreet appearance and it does not interfere with collapsing the chair for transport or storage

Lower cost with all the desired features!

  • Discreet design integrates nicely with the wheelchair
  • Does not interfere with quick collapse of the chair
  • Conveniently located override handles directly below handgrips for ease of moving unoccupied chair
  • Works with all versions of Tracer  EX2
  • Any width chair
  • Either axle height
  • Permanent or removable arms
  • Installs with basic tools in 20 minutes

Invacare and Tracer EX2 are registered trademarks of Invacare corporation

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